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Neal Stephenson (6 books, £43.94, 2,904 pages)

Copyright Format Type Publisher ISBN Pages Price Rating
The Big U
1984 Paper Book Harper Collins 0380816032 308 10.99 Not Read
1988 Paper Book Arrow 0099415526 291 6.99 Good
Takes forever to get going but when it does it is worth it
Snow Crash
1992 ePub Book Penguin 9780141924045 448 4.99 Excellent
So good I bought it twice - paper and eBook
Snow Crash
1992 Paper Book ROC 0140232923 440 5.99 Excellent
Really captured 80's hacking.
The Diamond Age
1995 Paper Book ROC 0451454812 499 5.99 OK
1999 Paper Book Arrow 0099410672 918 8.99 Excellent
I've always been afraid of this book, I was put off by the amound of maths people said was in it but it was actually very readable and cleverly worked out. Far far too long but pretty good